Hood Politics

Hood politics Hood politics1


Shirt & Jeans – Pumpkin (new!)


Bag – Represent (new!)


Coat – Represent (new!)

Jeans – Represent (new!)

Bag – Represent (new!)

Shoes – Alright


Shirt – Nerd:P

Shorts – Represent (new!)


Hoodie – Addams @ TMD (new!)

Jeans – SEUL @ TMD (new!)

Shoes – Hoorenbeek


Relax with Me

relax with me

New Men’s Dept
& The 24

Check out all of those events, seriously there’s some great things to buy – I didn’t even get a chance to blog all the things I wanted to, so I will be posting another look or two very soon!

Left Look:

Hat: BUC @ Swag Fest
Glasses: SORGO
Sweater: NerdP @ The Mens Dept
Jeans & Waist Tie: 2Byte @ The Mens Dept
Boots: J’s

Right Look:

Scarf: C-L-A-Vv
Sweater: Dynasty @ The 24
Jeans: Pumpkin
Shoes: Hoorenbeek

I’m In It

Back off vacation!

It’s weird how being away from second life even for a couple weeks disorientates you, you forget your whole inventory! Image

Shirt – Nerd P (Gacha)

Shorts – Pumpkin (NEW!)

Shoes – Monso

Bike – VCO (decorative)

Headband – VCO

watch out for this

Yoooo there’s so many events going on right now! And It definitely feels like summer.

So of course there’s this round of The Arcade, one of the best Gacha events on the grid, supported by some of the biggest names in SL and there’s so many varieties of items you can pick up if you’re lucky!

Then theres one of my favourite Gacha Events/Fairs that i’ve been going to for the last two years, the SGB festival which again has some amazing designers, and is a little less known but you can still pick up some great things


Left Look –

Shirt – Kal Rau (NEW!)

Pants – XIAJ – Harem Pants

Shoes – Yeezy’s

Watch – Benjaminz

Hat – HeadzUP! @SFW this week

Hands – Cheerno – Mesh Hands v3

Right Look –

Hat – Sleepy Eddy @ The Arcade (NEW!)

Shirt – 2Byte @ SGB (NEW!)

Shorts – Nerd:P @ SGB (NEW!)

Flip Flops – Cheerno (NEW!)

Bracelet – Boom @ The Arcade

Guitar and Guitar Case – The Standby’s @ The Arcade

It’s been an up and down week for me SL and RL, I should be finding sanctuary in my blog, but instead all i’ve been doing is laying around. Still looking for inspiration in my blog, still striving to find a ‘theme’ i’m happy with – so apologies for the inconsistencies in the way my pictures have been lately – but change is good, right?!


Let me not rant though, check out my looks!

mos def mos_def


Left –


Jacket – :SEY Jeans jacket+shirt (gray)

T-Shirt – [ 2byte ] Galaxy tee (pink)

Jeans – Balkanik – EvuzaJeans_Black

Shoes – –Entente– L’Equipe Kicks


Jesus piece – 2Lag JESUS2011

Gold chain – SATRDYS – Bon Kings


Hair Base – Entente – Yves

Hair – Boon – MKT012 (edited to hide the front)

Skin – Nivaro – Emerson

Facial Hair – Nivaro – Painter

Watch – [MANDALA] – HOKUSAI Bracelet set/BLACK

Earrings (epoque.s) Hidden Treasure Earrings – Black & Holy Hanger Earrings – Gold

Mesh Hands – Cheerno

Right –


Jacket – ! NERD:P Jacket 001 / Quilting jacket 05

Shirt – JOINT_.oO MALE Dungaree Shirt [BK]

Jeans – Apple May Designs – Low Rise Emo Pants – Black

Shoes – 2LAG: “1988” / Bright Crimson

The art of Escher

So i’m sure you guys by now will have heard of, if not been to and seen the EPOCH legend event thats being held until March 11

If you haven’t make sure you make your way there, there are some pretty interesting things most of which are limited edition and are all specifically created to fit one of the three categories. But even if you’re not there to buy, then the build of the sim itself is stunning to look at, the MESH decorations are really detailed.

I went a few days ago and picked up a few things so i’ll show case them over the next couple of days.

The first is a shirt from one of my favourite stores Nerd.P that’s in the Art of Escher theme. MC Escher was an artist that I really liked growing up, because of the influence of maths in his works, and anyone who knows me that i’m a nerd when it comes to maths lol


The shirt itself is highly detailed and has a great neutral floral pattern to it, with the label, pocket and even buttons scultped to give a greater level of detail.


check it out, at the Art of Escher