Tell PETA my Mink is dragging on the floor, and I stole a TV too.


Mink Coat: SEULxUber (NEW!) 

Jeans: Monso

Boots: SEULxTMD (NEW!)


Stolen TV: [BUC]xTMD (NEW!)

Shorts – Barmaley

Shoes – Vale Koer


Both Tattoos: Bolson


Summer King

Summer King

Jacket – ISON

Jeans – SEUL

Shoes – YUTH

Chains – Benjaminz!


Don’t Believe the Fools

don't believe the fools

Hoodie – REPRESENT @ Seasons Story

Shoes – Vale Koer @ TMD

Sweats – JustCool

Mask – Cobrahive on MP


Belong to the City

Belong to the city

“Got too much pride for my own good right now

Waiting on you to give in and hit me up”

This shirt from Monso is pure geometrical beauty.

Shirt – Monso ( NEW @ C88)

Shoes – Atoms Tokyo (NEW!)


Dreams money can buy

The Men’s Department is open, make sure you go check it!

Tattoo – Bolson @ TMD

Shirt – Gabriel @ TMD

Hair – Truth (new!)

Jeans – Just Cool

Shoes – Sabotage



Summer Rain

Summer rain

Bag – Howl @ Okinawa Fest (Gacaha)[rare]

Hats – BUC @ Bro culture

You need both the hat and the bag in your SL inventory.


Everything else i’m wearing has already been blogged. Enjoy ya day folks 🙂


Let It Fall

Small absence! Lack of inspiration kept me occupied but i’m back!

Let it fall


Shirt – Deadwool @ TMD (new!)

Jeans – Balkanik

Shoes – Candydoll (new!)

Bag – Faenzo @ TMD (new!)

Glasses – SORGO

Watch & Bracelet – Death Row Designs

Necklace – 2Lag

Skin – The Shops – Yves


Are You Watching

Are You Watching

I wanted an excuse to wear my new wolf friend. Thats about it lol

Bear (common) – Alchemy @ The Secret Affair 

Hoodie – LAU (new!)

Gloves – O.M.E.N. x Dynasty @ TMD

Mask – Sirius Animated Textures (free)

Bat – Cobrahive

Jeans – Pumpkin

Shoes – J’s


My Downfall

my downfall

The Men’s Department is 2 years old, and Villena have graced us with some amazing new items!

The first being some high ankle chino’s available in a wide range of colours, and the second and my favourite being this button down shirt – available in various colours and patterns and comes with a fully customisable HUD so you can change the collar tips, sleeves, available at TMD, definitely go check it out.

Also, I was searching for the perfect Duffle Bag and Deadwool supplied it just in time!

Shirt and Chino’s – Villena @ TMD

Bag – Deadwool @ TMD

Gloves – O.M.E.N x Dynasty @ TMD

Wallet – Xiaj @ The Chapter Four

Hat – Bad unicorn (new!)