Month: September 2011

Thinkin’ ’bout You

I was Flickr surfin’ and came across this hair from Burley, the store was simple, my type of decor. I really liked it actually. And came across this hair, which is about to become my new favourite hairstyle.

But the best part about the store?!

The Rez box!!

It has the apron, and the hair dryer as if you’re really in a salon.

Admittedly i’ve never been into a salon, because i’m a male and my hair isn’t long.

But this is the best rez box i’ve ever seen.

Prove me wrong?

Make your way to Burley here


Frank Ocean is pretty awesome, and his his videos are swagu










Nature Feels

Close your eyes, take a second to see how nature feels.

Summer turns to autumn, greens turn into browns and yellows.

Pretty magnificent the power it holds.

Me and my drop-top coop(er)


You know that floating feeling when you’re lost? On the outside you look calm, if not slightly bemused.

On the inside it’s more like;

Then you just float around until you find your bearings

hopefully not upside down, like me.


Shoes – JP

Right Move

The summer has ended pretty emphatically here in England. To be fair, it didn’t really start – but the nights are longer and the days are darker. Depressing.

But luckily, there are no seasons on SL! So here’s a summer look

I modified the sleeves and prims on the Sleepy Eddy shirt, mainly because finding nice denim jackets on SL is a chore, but also because I thought it looks really good.

My shirt was free! (group gift) and the chain i’ve blogged before from 2Lag but I wear it so often I had to blog it again.

and i’m in a field with giant flying fish. sup?

Look –

Hat – **DP** Yum Yum

Ears & Tattoo – Aitui

Hair – Nanuk

Facial Hair – Sacred Skins

Eyes – Hermony (still can’t believe they’re only 5L)

Skin – Body Co

Shirt – Sleepy Eddy

T-Shirt – Nuxx

Chain – 2LAG

Trousers – Kal Rau