Goal reached!

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It’ll be 4 years in July since I started blogging. One of my goals was to hit 1 million views.
Ive hit that goal and plenty more, I want to thank everyone who’s been supporting me from the start, all the people I bother with screencaps asking for opinions, all the people who have lended me their platform to rez my blogging shit.
Everyone who’s visited frequently and shared links, posts,
All the people who took my style and thought I didn’t notice.
And of course all the people who don’t like me but still visited my blog :))
You’ve all helped me reach my goals, thank you!
Now onto the next phase.



I took it back!

If you’ve been following my blog for a few years, then you’ll recognise this background, it’s my favourite and i decided to bring it back! Kind of in tune with the theme of today’s blog post – I haven’t blogged in a loooooong time, I moved house in RL, then we had no wifi, it was a lot of drama and being without wifi takes you back to the stone age, i considered AOL dial up for a while.

Anyway – thats been done and i’m back! I am trying to catch up with all the posts I’ve needed to post so I do apologise in advance, it’s just been overwhelming missing like two months worth of SL so i’m working on it.


Left Look –

Jacket – Seul

Hat – Wonton

Jeans – Represent

Shoes – Wonton

Right look –

Hat & Bat – BUC

Jacket – Addams (without the hoodie)

Shorts – Barmaley

Shoes – Vale Koer

Don’t Believe the Fools

don't believe the fools

Hoodie – REPRESENT @ Seasons Story

Shoes – Vale Koer @ TMD

Sweats – JustCool

Mask – Cobrahive on MP


Light My Fire

light my fire

Suit – Deadwool @ TMD – Blue (includes HUD for different shirt & tie combos)

Shoes – Mr Poet


Step In Shadows

step in shadows

Shirt – Vale Koer @ TMD

Jeans – Tag 


Welcome to the party

welcome to the party welcome to the party1

Left Look:

Coat – Deadwool – Eskimo coat @ TMD (new!)

Jeans & Boots – Wonton @ TMD (new!)

Chain – Benjaminz @ Winter Trend (new!)

Tattoos – Bolson

Rings – Eclat

Right Look:

Hat & Sweater – 2Byte @ TMD (new!)

Sweats – Just cool @ TMD (new!)

Shoes – Benjaminz 





Basically – upgrade your SL Closet

Coat & Sweater – ROWNE – new collection for males, they’ve already got a great collection this will only get better with time 🙂

Hat – Wonton @ The Chapter Four

Shoes – YUTH – Brand new sneaker store


Belong To the City

things done changed

Left Look:

Glasses: SORGO

Shirt: Deadwool

Bag: Deadwool

Jeans: Wonton (NEW!)

Shoes: Mr. Poet

Right Look:

Hat: BUC (NEW! @ the Showroom)

Jean jacket: Sey

Trousers: Villena

Shoes: Hoorenberek


East Liberty

east liberty

TMD is all you need, I promise you! Just go in, venture and be blessed

Left Look:

Hat: Atoms Tokyo (new!)
Shirt: Pumpkin (new!)
Trousers: Vale Koer @ TMD
Shoes: Flite @ TMD

Right Look:

Jacket & Sweater (HUD sold seperately): 2Byte @ TMD
Jeans: Villena
Shoes: Mr Poet
Watch & Bracelet: Benjaminz
Rings: Eclat




Ive been busy working and watching the world cup (Ghana nearly beat Germany, and i’m still hyped)

New hoodies from pumpkin :O

Theosophy has some really good things coming out to help accessorise your entire outfit too!


Hoodie – Pumpkin (NEW!)

Bag – XIAJ @ L’accessoires

Bracelet – Theosophy @ C88 

Jeans – Just cool @ TMD

Boots – L A U