Month: March 2012

Missin’ you

I wanted to dress smart casual, and layer different styles together.

This is what i came up with;

I contrasted the browns with the red boxers and orange shoes. It wasn’t planned or anything, I just didn’t have the shoes in red lol and orange is my favourite colour anyway, so I didn’t mind.

I thought it worked kinda well in the end anyway.

Once again I modified the long sleeve jacket and sweater, and made them shorter, it’s becoming a favourite that I quite regularly do now so I can layer different sweaters.

I might do a post that shows a step by step guide on how to do it, if you’re having trouble replicating next time I get an opportunity

Look –

Sweater (modified) , boxers, shoes & hairbase – Entente

Denim Jacket (modified) – Arai

Jeans – Amerie

Belt – Coco Homme

Hair – Burley

Tattoos – Aitui & Reckless

Eyes – Hermony


Narcissus’ Room part 2!

I didn’t get a chance to take a really indepth look on the items in the room as I was able to two weeks ago, because i’ve been busy elsewhere.

BUT you should go check them out, even more designers have produced some amazing items and hopefully this just grows from strength to strength over the coming weeks.

The red vest is a Nerd.P item from Narcissus’ Room,

the jacket is from Arai, which I have modified the sleeves to be shorter and attached the cuffs to my upper arm instead of forearm. This is a technique I use quite often on long sleeved items btw.

The shaving foam is from O P E R A again from Narcissus’ Room, and is a mesh item. It’s probably one of my favourite items in a while lol

The necklace is from Acide! and comes in three different colours again from Narcissus.

Until next time,


Narcissus’ Room!

I got the pleasure of being invited to blog for Narcissus’ Room, I mean I would’ve applied to do it anyway, because it’s a great event for men in SL because generally we dont actually get much love when it comes to events.

And Narcissus’ Room is just one solution to that problem, it’s open to the public today! And the collection will change every 2 weeks. Which means you get high quality designs from some of the top male designers in SL at a price range of 40-90L$ which appeals to everybodys budget. Check out their website, for more details and too keep up to date. Also their Flickr group for up to date looks and pictures.

It was impossible for me to fit all the items on one post – but I tried! lol i’ll be posting some of the things I didnt get a chance to post in the next few days.


Boxers & Boxing Gloves – Plank Couture ( @Narcissus)

Bare feet sandals (MESH) – Cheerno (@Narcissus)

Skin – Body Co

Hair – Burley

T-shirt – *Tea Party* (@narcissus)

Cardigan – Entente

Jeans – Amerie

Shoes – Entente

Bowler hat , Bowtie, Walking Stick, Monocle, shoes & socks – Plank couture (@naricuss)

Shirt – Ninikoboy

Trousers – Iruco  (@EPOCH clowning sim)

All poses by Juxtapose, which is also at Narcissus’ Room

Now, as much as I tried to blog everything thats in there. I really missed out a lot of things.

So keep your eyes peeled, I will make some more looks over the next few days!

But in the mean time definitely go check out Narcissus, it’s a beautiful build to even just look at

Premeditated murder


The suit from lruco at EPOCH is better than suits that cost like L$1k

Goes perfectly with the Jacket from Sleepy Eddy too, again at EPOCH



The Suit can be found on the EPOCH Clowning sim

The Jacket is on the EPOCH Beast Sim

If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll meet some interesting characters.