Month: December 2012

Take it to the head

take it to the headtell me this hat isn’t one of the finest designs you’ve seen in SL?

You guys should know how I like my simple yet well made things by now. I’ve been wearing this all week, no exaggeration

Head over to HeadzUp (see what i did there) for some great hats, plus well made apparel such as the Varsity i’m wearing too.

Varsity & Snapback – HeadzUp!


Something to hold on to

something to hold on to Welcome to the Dynasty Check out this great new store that’s just starting out, they’ve got some great items that are well designed just for guys. Simple designs that you can wear with pretty much anything.  We need more of that in SL, be sure to keep an eye out for more items from these guys.

There’s two guys to this duo, Jin and Jaix, the sweater i’m wearing is from Jin, check out Jaix’s marketplace , and their Blog also in my blogroll

Sweater – Dynasty – Tribal Knit Shoes – Sleepy Eddy




Basically, i’m wearing a grey sweater and black jeans with some accessories. Boring huh?

Accessories can make and break your outfit, don’t let anybody tell you differently.

Sweater – Arai (closing down Dec. 31 everything is at least 50% off until then)

Jeans – Cestar

Boots & Scarf – J U D A S

Earrings – Epoque

Hat – LETHAL – label whore snapback gold [noir]

Chain – 2LAG 


Shout out to Arai, and the entire switch sim. When I was getting a feel for male fashion in SL nearly 3 years ago (inspired by the likes of Kevin, Galliano, VO,  (ir)regular guy & tact) I discovered the switch sim, Arai & Ninikoboy particularly have been with me on this entire journey, I have pretty much 90% of their stuff in my inventory. No exaggeration.

Before the sim closes, get yourself some things from both stores, it’s so cheap right now and visit the other stores too, it’s a huge sim that’s gonna be missed by yours truly.

until next time

Only Ones who Know

Only ones who know


I told you not to call my previous post a come back.

This is more like the come back, very, very, very over due I know. I apologise.

But I wanna say thank you for those who kept checking my blog, and followed me, the people who sent me messages and notecards asking me when im gonna be back, that tells me i’m doing something right, and I can’t ask for much more than that.

I really haven’t been on SL for months and i’ve missed so much, so allow me a little time just to get a feel for everything once again.

The kid is back!


Shirt & pocket – Plain Club (white) –  Joint 

Jeans – Calca HD (Black) Cestar

Shoes – Deco – Hurricane Bolt (Orange)

Bag – Deco @ the Arcade (thunderyellow)

Hat – Warm soft beanie (kaki)  VCO

Earrings – Holy Hanger & Hidden Treasure Epoque

Hands – Mesh Hands #3 Cheerno