Month: June 2012

Once again, I have no alts. In world my only name is Lorenzo Mixemup

Any other alts that may be in contact is NOT ME.

Lorenzo Mixemup is my ONLY name.

I do NOT have a resident alt.

Or any other name.

I am only contactable in world as Lorenzo Mixemup

or on my flickr which is on the right hand side of my blog.

Any other account claiming to be me is not real.

Please don’t get scammed.


One and only

There is and only ever will be one of me.

Hair –Vive9  – Poland Highlander – Liquorice

Jacket – Vive9 – Tweed Blazer – Dark Grey

Bag – TokiD – traveling bag – Cocoa (MESH)

Shirt – Kal Rau – V-neck

 Trousers – Spirit – Santi – Brown (MESH)

Necklace – Entente – Chaplet necklace

Glasses – Epoque – Roundabout Frames

Rings –  Epoque –   [(epoque.s) Menage a Trois Ring – Gold & (epoque.s) Brainwash Ring – Chrome]

 Earrings – Epoque – Hidden Treasure – black


There is a Fraud going around SL by the name of “Kid Dope” pretending to be me.

Sending messages to store owners and other bloggers, posing as me, in an attempt to gain free clothes/accessories etc.


The only way to contact me in world is Lorenzo Mixemup, on my facebook or on my flickr

If anyone else attempts to contact you posing as me, and sends you a message that isn’t through any of those channels I listed. IT IS NOT ME. Do not be scammed by this person and any others!


The Zone

“said she like the view I got in this place…shit I did all of that on my own”

The denim shirts at Joint are the shit, comes in 3 different colours, a spotted dot design or just plain, check em out, if you like denim shirts like I do, you’ll probably wear em all the time.

If you haven’t checked out the J U D A S store, then you’re missing out, expect to find quality mesh items, focusing specifically on quality not quantity of items.

Plus, that snapback, was literally calling my name, how could I resist?

Hat – [Z3] CokeCavi Snapback

Shirt – Joint Dungaree Shirt [light blue]

Boots – J U D A S – revolution dios boots


I made my first freaking gif!

And it’s for some amazing tanks that you can get from Whatever! Thanks to the idea from the amazing Linx from Pearls & Pistols 

Speaking to the owner, she’s got some exciting male items up her sleeve which will be out in the not too distant future, so stay tuned for that.

in the mean time, pop down the store for these tanks! there’s 15 different designs! I just picked some of my faves!

Taxi to Whatever here

Paris, Tokyo

“Let’s go to sleep in Paris
Wake up in Tokyo
Have a dream in New Orleans
Fall in love in Chicago….”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIC! Their Anniversary is on, and as a result dozens of great designers are all allocated at the CHIC sim to help celebrate.

The Sweatshirt from Sheep Door immediately caught my eye, as did the suit from Cheerno, both of which i’m wearing. They both come in a range of vibrant colours to make sure to check em out!

Taxi to the CHIC sim

Other items i’m wearing;

Necklace – Entente- Chapelet Necklace

Hair – [Atro Patena] – Max Black

Jewellery – Epoque [ (epoque.s) Hidden Treasure Earrings (epoque.s) Menage a Trois Ring – Gold (epoque.s) Brainwash Ring – Chrome]

Teeth – [:T:] Parted lips

Trousers – [Pumpkin] Tight pants

Shoes – -Entente- Christian Loafers

Men Only Hunt continued!

The second instalment of the Men Only Hunt


Bracelet – +:+WTG+:+[MESH] **4bits**bangle

Jeans – [NV] Damnit Baggy


Hairbase – -Entente- Didier Hairbase – B&W – Midnight Black 

Shoes – -Entente- Cousteau Shoes 

Scarf/snood -Entente- Depp Snood

Teeth – [:T:] Parted lips

Rings – (epoque.s) Brainwash Ring – Chrome & (epoque.s) Menage a Trois Ring – Gold

Earrings – (epoque.s) Hidden Treasure Earrings – Black 

T-shirt – (not for sale)

Hat – Bless- SSUR “COMME des FUCKDOWN” 

Eyes –  .ID. Mirror Eyes/Hazel


Chino’s – illmatic :: Roger Chinos – Salmon

Glasses – Blah. (My Red-Hot Glases)

Lunchbox –  [Avoid] *Mesh* Transform – Lunchbox


T-shirt – [ NERD.P ] Simple line T-Shirt red.

Rings –  (epoque.s) Brainwash Ring – Chrome &  (epoque.s) Menage a Trois Ring – Gold

Earrings – (epoque.s) Hidden Treasure Earrings

Teeth – [:T:] Parted lips 6

Hairbase – -Entente- Didier Hairbase – B&W – Midnight Black

Shoes – [Gos] Desert Boot – Base – wear me

Eyes – .ID. Mirror Eyes/Hazel

Until next time!

New @ Entente!

Say it again!

Entente has a lot of new stuff in their store, and as you guys know, Entente is one of my favourite stores in SL. So naturally, I had to blog, I love Entente because its the type of store i’d shop in RL, and you instantly know its a luxury store, you know that when you shop from there you wont be disappointed. Plus it’s a rare in SL a primarily – male store, some things are unisex of course but it’s a great flagship store for us guys.

So I thought i’d take a chance to blog 3 things i’ll likely to be wearing most of the time casually;

Their basic t-shirt comes in white by default, but buy a texture pack and you can change selection via the HUD. Same goes for the jeans, it comes in standard blue denim colour, but again get a texture pack and you can be versatile.

Red is one of my favourite colours so I thought i’d be bright and bold with it – it comes in the “Primaries” texture pack that also includes Navy, Purple & Salmon colours.

The name of the jeans I have on are called “Au Fait” which also come with women’s sizing included, and the specific colour i’m rocking is “Classique Grey”

The “Chaplet necklace” is fantastic really well made and very well textured it’s casual enough to wear every day, but can be paired with a formal outfit and not look out of place.

All three items are MESH so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see them, and they are all available from Entente

Taxi to Entente here

What else i’m wearing;

Hair Base – –Entente- Didier Hairbase – B&W – Midnight Black
Eyebrow layer – the body co. Mint (04 Medium) black brows

Facial Hair – the body co. Mint (04 Medium) facial hair (black) beard

Teeth – [:T:] Parted lips 5 (FREE)

Earrings – (epoque.s) Hidden Treasure Earrings – Black 
Hat – Bless- Supreme Panel Hat (OF).

Jawline – the body co. jawline
Eyes – .ID. Mirror Eyes/Hazel