Month: August 2011

We going Gorillas!

“What does that even mean?”
“Who, cares? It’s provocative!”
“No it’s not! It’s-”
“It gets people GOING!”

The Jay-Z and Kanye West album has been on heavy rotation lately.

It’s back to school season! In England, it’s common for schools to have a uniform, unlike America – so there was no need for me to go school clothes shopping, except for those darn smart black shoes, and maybe a new blazer. So I took inspiration from that and used the uniform/smart casual look as my next post.

It just so happened that Nanuk made this fantastic sweater top around the same time, looks so realistic right? I purchased it as a 50L Friday, but i’m sure you’ll be able to buy it soon. Also Nanuk has a new home and new LM as a result you should really go see it, it’s a great building thats equally as creatively detailed and innovative as his products. (can you tell Nanuk is one of my favourite stores yet?) Plus it has a portrait of Mos Def hanging up, who’s one of my favourite rappers. That’s enough reason alone to go see it.

Such a beautifully sculpted bag from Kari – it was an exclusive at the Mens’ 24 event that ended recently. I want one of these IRL.

Look –

Skin – BodyCo 

Eyes & Shirt – Nanuk (new location)

Ears & Jeans – Aitui

Hair – NSD

Bag – Kari


Early Morning Sweat

Running in the morning is great, that cold air hitting against the back of your throat – feeling like you can’t breathe. But when you reach your goal, your mark – there’s nothing that beats it. This is kinda how I feel right now, like im almost about to reach my goal, and the feeling is great! So that inspired today’s look, a pretty athletic feel.

Look –

Sweatshirt – Nanuk (old 50L Friday)

Shorts – Aitui

Leggings – Aitui

Necklace – Gauged

Skin – Body Co

my graphics card is dying 😥  




Can you really feel me

Long time no see, huh? I wanna thank everyone who checks my blog daily even when I don’t post. I really do feel bad when I dont post and yet people take time out to come and visit. But – I did get a new look as you can see, I told you I change my face quite often, so we’ll see how long this one lasts.

Look –

Hat – **DP**yumyum

Skin – Body Co.

Hair – Vive9

Eyes – LAQ

Faicial Hair – Valiant & Sacred

T-Shirt – Valiant & Sacred

Random; have you played Sims Social on Facebook? D: it’s addictive! My eyes are a little baggy after spending some hours dedicating myself to the Sims cause.


Barefoot soldier

When I was younger, I used to walk barefoot quite regularly, and often on holiday. Used to play football (soccer) barefoot, mainly because we couldn’t afford to buy me the expensive boots. No, this isn’t a pity party, lol put your tissues away.

I quite like being barefoot, you get to feel a lot more, you’re more conscious of the earth and the impact you have on it. It’s enlightening to say the least. So using these past memories, and reflecting on a few things on a Friday night I decided to do some barefoot exploration in Secondlife. and I came across the Meow Sim.

The colours are beautiful, right? (Almost killed my computer processing these images and yet the quality is still pretty average at best :[ )Oh well. Explore the sim, I didn’t really look at the stores, I was more fascinated with the composition than shopping. Strange for a lookbook blog, I know.


Hair – Anaphora

Hoodie – Maknie

Shorts – Nerd P




Funky Fresh Dapper Dan, full post!

I did say don’t expect a post before Tuesday.. and well… happy Thursday everyone 😀

I stuck to my word. London riots were kinda a crazy 4-day period which we’re not even gonna begin to get into.. how’s everybody doing?

My avi looks kinda angry.


Skin – Kento

Hair – NSD

Eyes – LAQ

Ears – Aitui

V-neck – Nanuk

Shirt – Sleepy Eddy

Trousers – Aitui

Boots – GosMy meero backed it up in an outtake lol!

Funky Fresh Dapper Dan

Generally really tired from work, even though my avi doesnt look happy  I had a great day today, hopefully another great one tomorrow. this isn’t the full post, just a quick preview because I’m working the next two days, and i’m already tired so dont expect a post before then, but I just thought i’d show you what i’m working with.

Skin – kento

eyes – laq

ears – aitui

v-neck – nanuk

shirt – sleepy eddy

full look and landmarks coming next time.

yes i’m feeling lazy.

Did you realise that you were a champion in their eyes?

“When it feel like living is way harder than dying,

for me giving up is way harder than trying” – Kanye

Happy Friday everybody! (gotta get down on Friday).

I like wearing trousers which are brighter than normal, coupled with a subdued toned sweatshirt/hoodie or in this case cardigan. This type of contrast is usually seen the other way around. But not I.

I’m a big fan of graphic tees too.

Love this watch.


Skin – Kento

Eyes – Laq

Hair – NSD

Ears – Aitui

Cardigan – Pivaaca

T- Shirt – ARAI

Watch – Kari

Trousers – Doppelganger

Forever Wilde

So let me fill you in; my RL job has been kicking my schedule all off course, plus dealing with some stuff RL too, that’s just had my emotions all over the place. But don’t worry! I didn’t cry, ‘cuz i’m a thug, and we dont cry.

I went to this sim today, with my girlfriend – it’s called Everwilde, and it’s beautiful, such great scenery, amazing landscaping and fantastic attention to detail. Every inch of it is immaculate. They’re currently holding a photo contest, but honestly the sim is so beautiful you’ll want to take photo’s there even without the need for a contest as an incentive. Take a look!

Speaking of looks – mine is inspired by smart casual, a crisp white polo top, chino trousers and a hat. Can’t go wrong with that on a nice Summer day.

Hat – DP**yumyum

Polo shirt – Doppelganger

Trousers – Doppelganger

Facial hair – Sacred

Ears – Aitui

Eyes – LAQ

Skin – Sacred