Month: July 2011

New post coming soon

I’ve been absent which is terrible because I haven’t even really started.

Can you leave something which you haven’t really began with? Philosophical question of the day

However, i’ve been averaging about 20 views a day, even though I havent been active! That’s fantastic news (to me) so I will post very soon, ideally Tuesday..

Amy Winehouse died, that’s a terrible loss, moreso for music in general she still had a lot of great music that she could have potentially made, plus her voice was just so effortlessly timeless it will forever remain in people’s hearts. However I don’t feel sorry for a drug-overdosing crack addict who died of her own addiction, despite her having access to some of the best facilities in the world plus millions of adoring fans willing and wishing for her to get back on track.


hundreds of innocent people are suffering in Norway, and millions of people are in pain, hungry or dying through no fault of their own. But i’m sure Amy Winehouse will be front page news for at least a week.


Anywhere but Here

Today has sucked so far. I change my skins quite frequently, I get bored pretty easily lol

Skin; Kento – Cherish T2, Hair Base

Hair; NSD – Ash – Espresso

Glasses; Alphavillain – Samuel Glasses, Tortoise Shell, clear

Shirt; Kal Rau – Black V-Neck

Teeth; [PXL] – Mouth Add On

Cigarette & Coffee; Hermony

I’ve been asked where I got my name from, or what made me choose my name, specifically the “cocaine” in it. Well, theres a free 80’s inspired hip-hop and r&b mixtape made by a few producers with appearances from Common, Phonte, The Roots. It’s called “Cocaine80s”, and the idea behind that is that the 80s was a great era, a “dope” era if you will, cocaine and dope are synonymous and there you go. So that’s my inspiration behind the name Kid Cocaine. Originally I had the ideas of Cocaine Fresh, Pure Cocaine amongst other ideas. Check out the mixtape, if you have a twitter all you need to do is retweet a tweet from the main producer and you get directed to a download link.

If you don’t have twitter… then… well you’re missing out! 😛 but seriously im sure there’ll be other sites hosting it.

Take a listen to one of my favourite songs on it

Boy Meets World

If Boy Meets World, taught me one thing, it’s that true love can exist in even the most unlikely of circumstances. Also the pain that it causes if you are to be in if that love, leaves you.

Cory Matthews, if there’s one TV-sitcom personality that I could identify with as I was growing up, it was definitely him. I mean, I’m mixed race, mostly black – so the likely choice would be the Fresh Prince, or one of Kenan and Kel, TJ or Marcus from Smart Guy maybe even Roger (Sister Sister) – purely based on race. But I could never see all of myself in any of them. TJ coming close because I was so in-tune with my studies, but I wasn’t as witty or adorable as TJ.

Mr Average, Cory Matthews, always looking to impress and seemingly always failing at it, never learns to just be himself. That’s me. That has me and my childhood written all over it.

Why did I start writing this? Blogs just seem a good place to get out your thoughts. I’m rambling though.