See Me on Top





See me on top

New Yeezy’s that’s all you need to know.


Shirt – ISON Homme

Trousers – Pumpkin

Shoes –  EL Homme – Red Octobers (New!)

Crown – DRD (New!)



kiddy kravitz

kiddy kravits

Basically, i’ve got this shirt in like 8 colours, and i’m not taking it off.

So go get it, ‘cuz it’s only 30Ls with 3 rares what a bargain.

Shirt – Nerd P – TEE019 (GACHA) [NEW!!]

Glasses – Vilenna @ SFW (NEW!)

Hands – Cheerno (NEW!)

Hat – HeadzUP! (Unreleased/Coming soon!)

spending too much time alone

spending too much alone

‘just outrun the demons, would you?’

Sleepy Eddy have this great new trench coat with optional inside sweater. It’s completely customisable and features over 12 different colours, all the different options ensure that it’s completely versatile for you to wear with a wide variety of items.

Trench Coat & Optional Sweater – Sleepy Eddy (New!) @ the Mens Dept

Trousers – ::K::

Shoes – Fir & MNA

Hair – Dura (New!)

Hairbase – Unorthodox

Sideburns – Unorthodox (new!)

Gloves – Blankline (Free!)

show me

show meshow me1I’ve been too damn lazy lately. My apologies!

Been busy with RL stuff you know how it goes.

I’ve been having somewhat of an identity crisis with my blog and myself (without trying to get too deep/philosophical) I just want to try out a few different things, hopefully you’re patient.

On to the look!


Cardigan; pumpkin (new!)

trousers: iruco

necklace: entente

hair: boon

hairbase: unorthodox

shoes: handverk


sweater: 2byte

shirt: iruco

hair: Mr C

bowtie: adjunct

glasses: satrdys

watch: mandala

trousers: ::K::

shoes: sleepy eddy

for the love

for the love

We all know that camo-print is on trend right now, and in SL camo print can be done poorly, but these jeans i’m wearing are produced to a really high quality from an up and coming store called Sabotage, along with the MCB fanny pack that i’m wearing they’re both available at FiFridays for only 55L!! It’s this weekend only so be quick, otherwise they’ll still be available for purchase but the price will increase

Camo Jeans & MCB fanny pack – Sabotage @ FiFridays (new! this week only!)

Boots – J’s

Shirt – Eaters Coma

Beanie – Credo (new!!)

Mesh hands – Cheerno

Iphone – Z U L U

Watch – Mandala

Bracelet (black) – Illmatic

Bracelet (gold) – To’Fresco

no imitation

no imitation


changed my look, body co are having a sale at the warehouse, go check it out? 75% off what are you waiting for?

Skin – BodyCo – Elixir @ Warehouse

Jacket, shirt & tie – Headz Up! (coming soon!)

Scarf – Dynasty

Trousers – Iruco

Shoes – Handeverk

Hairbase – Unorthodox

Hair – customised (not for sale)


Basically, I love t-shirts.

And this beauty from Eaters Coma, is literally the most perfect t-shirt i’ve ever owned in SL, I got it in about 5 different colours, this particular one is called ‘Off-white’ the realism and attention to detail is bar none.

Shirt – Eaters Coma

Jeans – go!

Hat – HeadzUp!

Bag – Izumya



clearly I didn’t take this picture, the graphics are out of control!

Thanks to Candy

What she’s wearing;

Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Kesha” Blonde

Tanktop: Tee*fy Ana Slouchy Satin Tank Chocolate Sheer
Skirt: Tee*fy Emily Mini Flare Skirt Creme
Shoes: HouseofFox :: JusticeWedges[Solid Socks]

Earring: Diamond Stud Earring Square Platinum
Bracelet: illmatic :: Assorted Cross Bracelet – Gold
Necklace: {mon tissu} Floral Disk Pendant – Gold
Necklace: {mon tissu} Oui Necklace – Gold
Clutch: Ricielli Mesh – Gia clutch /sienna

Check out her blog for links

What the Kid is wearing

Coat – Dynasty
Shirt & Tie – Iruco
Jeans – Pumpkin
Shoes – Gang/Cold (NEW!)
Watch – Mandala

The new sneakers by Gang/Cold ‘Badboy’ are great, it’s generated by a HUD and all the colours are fully customisable by the HUD too, so you get 9 colours in one! Check it out

Take it to the head

take it to the headtell me this hat isn’t one of the finest designs you’ve seen in SL?

You guys should know how I like my simple yet well made things by now. I’ve been wearing this all week, no exaggeration

Head over to HeadzUp (see what i did there) for some great hats, plus well made apparel such as the Varsity i’m wearing too.

Varsity & Snapback – HeadzUp!