urban fashion



Tell PETA my Mink is dragging on the floor, and I stole a TV too.


Mink Coat: SEULxUber (NEW!) 

Jeans: Monso

Boots: SEULxTMD (NEW!)


Stolen TV: [BUC]xTMD (NEW!)

Shorts – Barmaley

Shoes – Vale Koer


Both Tattoos: Bolson


Lets move to the ocean

lets move to the ocean lets move to the ocean_



We should move to the ocean, to feed off the daylight

The Arcade is back ladies and gent’s, make sure you shuffle on over, there’s some great items!

Also Cheerno have a great set of realistic bare feet, that are made of liquid mesh – so they automatically wrap to your avatars shape! no resizing or positioning required all you need to do is match up the skin tone which they also make incredibly easy! If you like to walk barefoot like me, you must must get these!


Left look –


Jacket – Credo – Mackintosh Clisham Jacket [Forest Green/Brown]

Shorts – Sabotage – Twill Shorts [Cyan]

Feet – Cheerno – Liquid Mesh feet (new!)


Right look –

Bag – Sleepy Eddy – Fishing Bag [vintage] (new @ the arcade)

T-shirt – Blank Line 012 Tshirts [black] (new!)

Scarf – Tee*fy – Collar Snood [duo monochrome]

Jeans – Villena – Tucked up Jeans [black] (new!)

Shoes – 2REAL – Holbrookz


Both looks –

Skin [Emerson] & Facial hair [Painter] – Nivaro

Hair [MKT012] & Hair base – Boon

Mesh Hands – Cheerno