Girls love Cocaine

“I know girls Cocaine” say that to the tune of Drake’s new song.

It’s been a very long time, and I apologise, exams, plus an old laptop that can’t really handle sl without sounding as though it’s about to take off for flight, have meant that I haven’t had time to blog.

I’ve still got one more exam, but I took a minor break, and thought i’d update a few looks,

Left Look –

Hat – L A U (Brooklyn Nets)[new]

Jacket – Villena [new]

Jeans – Just Cool

Shoes – Alright clothing [new]

Hands – Cheerno Mesh Hands [new]

Watch – Benjaminz

Right Look –

Hair – CheerNo – Jeremy [ VERY edited and customised]

Shirt – Pumpkin – Tight Shirt

Bag – Deco

Bracelet – Just You Jewels (MOH3 Hunt) [new]

Trousers – XIAJ  – Black Harem

Shoes – Entente – L’Equipe

girls love cocaine


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