Only Ones who Know

Only ones who know


I told you not to call my previous post a come back.

This is more like the come back, very, very, very over due I know. I apologise.

But I wanna say thank you for those who kept checking my blog, and followed me, the people who sent me messages and notecards asking me when im gonna be back, that tells me i’m doing something right, and I can’t ask for much more than that.

I really haven’t been on SL for months and i’ve missed so much, so allow me a little time just to get a feel for everything once again.

The kid is back!


Shirt & pocket – Plain Club (white) –  Joint 

Jeans – Calca HD (Black) Cestar

Shoes – Deco – Hurricane Bolt (Orange)

Bag – Deco @ the Arcade (thunderyellow)

Hat – Warm soft beanie (kaki)  VCO

Earrings – Holy Hanger & Hidden Treasure Epoque

Hands – Mesh Hands #3 Cheerno 


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