The A-Team

Like probably 90% of the male SL population, I have been wearing the Amerie Mesh Pants pretty much as soon as I could get my hands on them. If they came with a belt it’d be perfect, but trying to attach a prim belt to a mesh object is not fun, trust me, I’ve always hated adjusting prims.

The Sweater and shoes are from Entente, where you buy the item and then buy different texture packs separately. I got the “triangles” design for the sweater, which is mesh btw, and “monochrome” set for the shoes. The sweater is retro, but I like it it’s not a usual pattern, and it’s easy on the eyes. I just wish it came in brighter, more bold colours – but I just like bright colours.

The necklace is from Acide, and I got it at an event sometime last year, I dont think they sell the exact same chain, but they’ve got a similar design, thats longer, and slightly thicker. Other than that it’s a laid back, casual look the type of thing you just kinda throw on and chill in but you don’t wanna look too much like a bum

So again:

Jeans – Amerie (MESH)

Sweater, Shoes & Hair – Entente

Chain – Acide

Hat – Nerd. P


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