Right Move

The summer has ended pretty emphatically here in England. To be fair, it didn’t really start – but the nights are longer and the days are darker. Depressing.

But luckily, there are no seasons on SL! So here’s a summer look

I modified the sleeves and prims on the Sleepy Eddy shirt, mainly because finding nice denim jackets on SL is a chore, but also because I thought it looks really good.

My shirt was free! (group gift) and the chain i’ve blogged before from 2Lag but I wear it so often I had to blog it again.

and i’m in a field with giant flying fish. sup?

Look –

Hat – **DP** Yum Yum

Ears & Tattoo – Aitui

Hair – Nanuk

Facial Hair – Sacred Skins

Eyes – Hermony (still can’t believe they’re only 5L)

Skin – Body Co

Shirt – Sleepy Eddy

T-Shirt – Nuxx

Chain – 2LAG

Trousers – Kal Rau


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