New post coming soon

I’ve been absent which is terrible because I haven’t even really started.

Can you leave something which you haven’t really began with? Philosophical question of the day

However, i’ve been averaging about 20 views a day, even though I havent been active! That’s fantastic news (to me) so I will post very soon, ideally Tuesday..

Amy Winehouse died, that’s a terrible loss, moreso for music in general she still had a lot of great music that she could have potentially made, plus her voice was just so effortlessly timeless it will forever remain in people’s hearts. However I don’t feel sorry for a drug-overdosing crack addict who died of her own addiction, despite her having access to some of the best facilities in the world plus millions of adoring fans willing and wishing for her to get back on track.


hundreds of innocent people are suffering in Norway, and millions of people are in pain, hungry or dying through no fault of their own. But i’m sure Amy Winehouse will be front page news for at least a week.


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